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Comfy Feet Sleeping Bag, the bag that lets you wiggle your toes.

by Miguel Muniz on Dec 18, 2022

Comfy Feet Sleeping Bag, the bag that lets you wiggle your toes.

I've always fancied myself a caveman, simple and down to earth. I love being outside, exploring the creeks and woods, and everything nature has to offer. Life is an awesome journey full of wonder and exploration. Take some time out to enjoy it.

I'm a Handyman by profession. I enjoy fixing things, problem solving and working with my hands. I created Zenith Trek Go Outside and Explore (my highest journey) to share my latest creation. You see, sleeping outside under the stars is exhilarating and comforting to my soul. However, not having a woolly mammoth hide to curl up in, I use a sleeping bag, the modern-day equivalent. Some time back I developed an ingrown toenail...gross, right? Yeah, they're annoying. But, getting longer in the tooth, as they say, I'm not as limber as I once was so I can no longer chew my toenails to keep them trimmed. Grrr. It really irritated my toes to have them confined by the extra pressure of traditional envelope sleeping bags that don't conform to your feet, especially caveman feet like mine. Heck, even the slight weight of my bed sheets on my toes bugged me. So, being the caveman that I am, I sharpened my charcoal stick and started drawing on the cave wall. Before I knew it, I had created a new design for the sleeping bag. I called it Uklg nijw choqzy, but then I realized that "Cave-Speak" went out with the square wheel (there went another great idea!!!), so I renamed it Comfy Feet Sleeping Bag® the bag that lets you wiggle your toes.

It has an expanded foot area designed for your feet to have the space needed to stick straight up while laying on your back without being encumbered like traditional envelope style sleeping bags do. I used premium, ripstop fabric that is both water and wind proof and used double-filled hollow core insulation to give extra padding, comfort and warmth. It has an integrated hoodie that you can cinch tight around your noggin to help keep you warm and cozy. It has a zippered bottom that you can open to adjust airflow and a side zipper for getting in and out of it with ease. The zippers are premium YKK zippers, the best zippers on the market for reliability and durability. A sleeping bag with cheap zippers is a waste of money. Don't buy a sleeping bag if it has cheap zippers, you'll regret it as soon as they fail. This is the perfect camping and traveling sleeping bag, it's not designed for sub-zero temperatures. Use a woolly mammoth hide for that.

This is my new adventure. I created what I believe, is an awesome sleeping bag that lets your feet relax, stay warm, be free to wiggle your toes and offers a practical and functional advantage when bedding down for the night. Whether out hiking, camping, hunting or back yard sleepover, Comfy Feet Sleeping Bags are going to impress you. 

We are Zenith Trek, Go Outside and Explore.

We love the outdoors and hope you do to. Take time out and Go Outside and Explore. Find your Zenith Trek.

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