I've always fancied myself a caveman. I love being outside. I developed an ingrown toenail...gross, right? But, getting longer in the tooth, as they say, I'm not as limber as I once was so I can no longer chew my toenails to keep them trimmed. Grrr. It really irritated my toes to have them confined by the extra pressure of traditional envelope sleeping bags that don't conform to your feet, especially caveman feet like mine. Heck, even the weight of my blanket on my toes bugged me. So, being the caveman that I am, I sharpened my charcoal stick and started drawing on the cave wall. Before I knew it, I had created a new design for the sleeping bag. I called it Uklg nijw choqzy, but then realized that "Cave-Speak" went out with the square wheel...so I renamed it Comfy Feet Sleeping Bag® the bag that lets you wiggle your toes.

We love the outdoors and hope you do to. Take time out and Go Outside and Explore. Find your Zenith Trek.